Praise Works

Praise Works is a personal devotional to God. It contains meditations, prayer, praise, thoughts and even rants to God. Its purpose is to be consistent in relationship with God through a written log exchange. While this is personal, perhaps others will be inspired.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Praise Works Launched

This new blog is really my own personal devotional, meditations, thoughts, even rants to God. Along the lines of AK Works, I figured I'd call this one Praise Works.

The "works" means a lot of things but I focus on a select few meanings:
  • praise works = n. my own personal acts of praise - doing, a job, a duty and activity: the acts, the job, the duty of praise
  • praise works = v. the act of praising God works for my benefit
  • praise works = n. highlighting events, sermons, news, and other things that praise God; highlighting opportunities and revelations to praise God.
For me this personal devotion is a way for me to keep focused on God because the things I am involved in can carry me away from what I should do. So since I've gotten used to blogging more frequently, I am using this blog as a way for my own spiritual growth.

This is also probably one of the ways to use blogs in its "purest" form - as a weblog or online diary.

I expect that I am one of the legions of faithful using this new technology to help in their faith walk. So I give God the glory and pray that some of them go on to be power bloggers whose blogs will lead many others to Christ. I pray that others who come across this and other similar blogs are inspired to choose God.

To God be the glory forever and ever.


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