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Praise Works is a personal devotional to God. It contains meditations, prayer, praise, thoughts and even rants to God. Its purpose is to be consistent in relationship with God through a written log exchange. While this is personal, perhaps others will be inspired.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Prophesying Financial Ownership & Stewardship

One of the constant, daily obstacles, it seems, is finances. Some pastors say you can sow your way into the Kingdom. There is biblical truth to that and as they will point out, in almost all cases of miracles in the Old Testament and the New Testament, God required a sacrifice.

Abraham was required to sacrifice his only begotten, promised son Isaac. The woman and son who entertained Elijah was asked to sacrifice the small amount of meal they had to make bread for Elijah first. In such instances, the blessings from the sacrifice were immensely big. Yet clearly, both Abraham and the woman knew enough about God to trust the Lord in providing the miracle.

In Scripture, God said to bring a SACRIFICE OF PRAISE. Yes, God dwells in our praises as the Word says.

I believe that it is imperative to sow into the Kingdom, to sacrifice an offering and PRAISE.

Yet, another thing I've realized is that even though prosperity preachers have been villified, every time they speak such things, it is up to me to receive it as prophecy.

I need to receive it as them prophesying. Even though some of them are agents of the enemy, when God created us, He blessed us with the ability to speak life into things.

So #1 I must receive prosperity messages of getting wealth as prophecy. And #2 I must KNOW MORE.

As I said before, how can I possess something if I do not know about it? How can God bless me with wealth if I do not understand the value of money, wealth management, and financial stewardship?

I must know how to manage my own budget and I must learn about finances and wealth management and investment in order to prepare myself properly.

I can then be confident that God will be pouring into a responsible, strong, and worthy vessel when He unleases the blessings He's stored for me - as I have sown and praised Him for.

Eyes have not seen, Ears have not heard - therefore, I can be confident that I can and should do these steps:

#1 Know and Accept that sowing a seed offering is God's Kingdom Economics (Kingdomonics)
#2 Know and Accept that a seed is a sacrifice and that a sacrifice requires praise because God said to bring a sacrifice of praise; so I must sow and sacrifice a praise - because God dwells in our praise
#3 I must accept prosperity messages as prophesy - they are prophesying into my life
#5 I must actively KNOW MORE - both of God and of finances - to receive wealth and financial blessings


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